Want to Improve Your Ski Performance?     Perhaps You’re Suffering with Pain or Injury which is Affecting Your Ability to Ski?

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How I can help you

Gold rehabilitation and performance program is for anyone who:

  • Has a busy schedule that requires an optimal program in order to facilitate pain reduction and injury rehabilitation in the quickest time possible.
  • Is fed up their precious time in the mountains being ruined by injury and dysfunction.
  • Wants a coach who uses protocols that can take into account a busy travel/work/life schedule and still get fantastic results.
  • Is frustrated previous therapy attempts wasted precious time and money and didn’t get to the root of their pain and dysfunction.
  • Understands that suboptimal lifestyle factors are reducing their ability to see results and needs a coach who knows how to resolve these issues efficiently.
  • Wants an experienced therapist/coach who utilises a multi-disciplinary approach in order to get them out of pain and skiing optimally.

Platinum rehabilitation and performance program is for anyone who:

  • Is fed up of injury and pain ruining their skiing and reducing their enjoyment of life in general.
  • Knows they need to devote time to remedy the problems their body is suffering before the situation gets worse.
  • Is ready to commit to a regular rehabilitation/conditioning program in order to get them out of pain and properly prepared for the challenges of the mountains.
  • Wants to condition their body optimally in order to up their ski performance, while ensuring injury prevention through improved physical function and biomechanics.
  • Desires to work with a coach who has experience of conditioning elite ski athletes and understands the rigours of the sport of alpine skiing.
  • Wants to be coached to find the best way to fuel and energise their body so they can optimise vitality and performance and aid physical repair.

Here is what my clients are saying

I’ve been struggling with a laboral tear on my right hip from a few years back. Have tried physio in different countries and getting stronger on my own but wasn’t getting very far. Would often feel a pinch in my hip and not feel like I was getting stronger in the ways that mattered.

I didn’t have any reservations about working with Mark and it’s been a great process! Mark is super knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He’s always teaching me new things. He keeps the training programs creative and changing so that they adapt to my strength. I’ve seen great results after a couple of months. Feeling much stronger and my hip joint is feeling more stable than ever.

The best result I have had from working with Mark is getting strong enough from training to be able to do other sports such as go back to skiing and playing tennis!!

Nicole G, Notting Hill

I was preparing for a ski race camp and wanted more strength to maximise performance and minimise my injury risk.

I was looking for highly specialised, ski fitness coaching and didn’t want a routine personal trainer who lacked the experience of working with skiers.

However, I had the chance to watch Mark work with others and it was obvious he has a deep understanding of the core strength, balance and movement patterns that are relevant to ski technique.

Whether your issue be injury rehabilitation, pain reduction or sports specific performance, Mark has the knowledge and experience to real benefits.

He is like a top level physiotherapist who also specialises in the specifics of conditioning a ski athlete.

I’m now stronger and more robust on my skis and I have much more confidence in my body.

Mark has discovered, through his in-depth assessments, where I had weaknesses and imbalance. We have worked on these areas and I now notice a real difference in the function of my body. As a results I now ski at a higher level than prior to working with Mark.

Alberto P

London, BASI Level 3 Ski Instructor.

Thank you, Mark Zawadski, for the initial consultation and assessment!

Very insightful and thoroughly professional.

Jane Scanlan

London, Cherish7Steps

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